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Kylos - In Greek Mythology 'The First Ruler of the Universe'

Portable Tracking Solution For Locating Merchandise, Assets, People and Pets

The Kylos Range are sophisticated portable GPS trackers, designed for the purpose of keeping track and determining the location of assets and possessions as well as keeping your family members and pets safe. The system provides the essential information so that you can make effective decisions about your business or personal matters instantaneously. It will send notifications about changes in predefined settings and will trigger alerts to any irregular events or breaches, so that you can decide when your immediate attention is needed.

The devices are available in four different models to perfectly meet different user requirements:

Kylos: Ideal solution for monitoring commercial goods whether they are being stored in a warehouse or travelling long routes – For product information & specification Click here.

Kylos Compact: An ideal solution for keeping you informed about the whereabouts of your family members and pets – For product information & specification Click here.

Kylos Forever: Is a long lasting asset protecting solution, with a battery life up to three years – For product information & specification Click here.

Kylos AIR: A sophisticated tracking device, designed for tracking & monitoring Air Cargo, Complying with FAA & IATA regulations – For product information & specification Click here.

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How does it work?

The Kylos Range incorporates the function of multiple technologies working together within a single unit. Featuring an integration of cellular communication abilities, GPS technology, and innovative built-in sensors, it will deliver reliable and accurate data for your business and personal tracking needs, enabling you to guard the things that you consider valuable and protect the ones you love.

The devices are compact, lightweight and waterproof, that has been designed to be attached to all kinds of assets and worn by people and pets. It can be hidden in almost any item you have chosen to protect, making it totally adaptable to an extensive range of applications and applied to a diverse range of situations.

Since the unit is small and easily concealed from view, you can keep track confidentially while it remains unnoticed. With its embedded GPS system, you can follow the path of your stolen bicycle or merchandise and easily recover your items. You can also keep track of your loved ones from a distance, find your missing pet and be alerted to situations that warrant your response. With its built-in sensors – light, temperature and accelerometer, the stable and autonomous device gives you full control of all possible events and situations.

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