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Helios - In Greek Mythology 'The Ruler of the Sun'
Believed to be the 'All Seeing'

The most sophisticated unit for real-time Fleet management and security applications.

The comedian Sid Caesar once said: “The guy who invented the first wheel was a fool. The guy who invented the other three, he was a genius!” We at Starcom didn’t invent the vehicle location system. We invented the “other three wheels” that totally changed the world of vehicle location and raised it to perfection.

Starcom presents an innovative integration of stability and cutting-edge technical features, making the Helios the most advanced AVL system today for fleet and driver management. The Helios provides solutions to meet every fleet manager or driver needs by allowing you to configure custom alerts for which you will receive in real-time.

Our vehicle tracking systems are available in three different models:

Helios TT: For product information & specification Click here.

Helios Advance: For product information & specification Click here.

Helios Hybrid: For product information & specification Click here.

Our products are fully adjusted to every need: They are fully customised to alert any combination of events, they enable automatic operation, and maintain stability and continuity. It is the only system that provides solutions to every conceivable need. The advanced wisdom of Helios enables us to offer you the useful information in a very practical and user-friendly way that even the most complicated analysis automatically becomes simple and easy to use.

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The Helios Advance unit is now also available with the OBD-II Technology – designed to monitor the vehicle’s fuel supply system and to retrieve various parameters, including fuel level, speed, mileage and RPM readings. A high priority for operators interested in reducing excessive fuel usage and saving on operational costs.

The Helios Hybrid is an innovative integration between the Helios unit and an Iridium satellite module, together they create a smart cellular/satellite tracker. The device meets the requirements of fleets of vehicles based in the most remote of locations and is used in applications requiring constant communication around the world, even when out of cellular coverage. An ideal solution for use at sea or in remote land areas, as well as for mining or construction sites. The device effectively utilises all available communication network resources, whether cellular or satellite, depending on what is available at the time, and will lower transmission costs compared to using only satellite transmission.

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