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The warranty is valid for 12 months from the delivery date of the Products or Services to the Customer. The warranty loses its validity in the following instances, amongst others specified in the Agreement:

  • If the above-mentioned Product has been repaired by anyone other than Starcom or any other facility, which is not certified by Starcom.
  • Damage caused by lightning or irregular voltage supplied to the above-mentioned Products.
  • If damage occurred due to inadequate installation or unreasonable external damage.
  • If the damage was caused by water or if the Product has been exposed to water.
  • If the Product has been used other than in accordance with the Agreement, or the instructions for use, or applicable local regulations.

The warranty does not include batteries, harnesses or any other accessory.

In the case that a Product is faulty please inform Starcom UK Solutions immediately. During the warranty period, if any material irregularities are discovered in the Products supplied by Starcom UK Solutions, the Customer shall be entitled to send Starcom UK Solutions the defective Products, and Starcom UK Solutions will undertake repair of the defective Products at our expense, and/or to replace them with new, sound Products, at our discretion. It will be the Customer’s responsibility to collect and send to Starcom UK Solutions, at the Customer’s expense, the defective Products, accompanied by a technical report detailing the defect, in the format specified by Starcom UK Solutions. It will be Starcom UK Solutions responsibility to return the Products to the Customer in sound order and/or after they have been replaced by sound Products, within two (2) months following receipt of the defective Products (and technical report) from the Customer.

Starcom UK Solutions shall have no warranty obligations with respect to any failures of the Products or Software which result from (a) any misuse thereof or (b) an accident, negligence, abuse, misapplication, power surge or abnormal electromagnetic field, or (c) modifications, interventions or alterations to the Products or Software, either by Starcom or by any third party, including the use of spare parts and components not purchased from Starcom, except if such changes have been carried out in accordance with written instructions from or confirmed by Starcom.

The warranties made by Starcom UK Solutions under this Agreement are made only to the Customer and the Customer shall be solely responsible for any warranty, guarantees, representations or undertakings which the Customer shall give to any end users beyond and above the Warranty.

Further, the Customer shall be obliged to advise end-users of the limitations on Starcom UK Solutions warranties and liabilities and of the Customer’s corresponding assumption of such warranties and liabilities.

For any issues please contact us via email: